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Zack Senay, centre fielder, bats against the Layritz Rockies on 2023.06.11

In the world of baseball, achieving a "cycle" is one of the rarest and most elusive feats a player can accomplish. It requires a perfect combination of hitting prowess and timing, as a player must hit a single, a double, a triple, and a home run in the same game. On a memorable day in the Lambrick Royals' history, Zack Senay etched his name into the record books by accomplishing just that in a thrilling game against the Layritz Red Sox.

Zack Senay, a talented centrefielder hailing from Parksville, BC, has been a key figure for the Lambrick Royals since his debut. Known for his powerful swing, versatility in the outfield, and sound playing style, Senay's contributions have lead to the Royals having a winning record for three seasons in a row, dating back to 2021. However, on this fateful day, he would go above and beyond, leaving an indelible mark on the sport he loved.

The atmosphere was electric as the Lambrick Royals took to the field, ready to face the Layritz Red Sox in game one of the 2023 SIBL Quarter Finals. Senay's focus and determination were apparent as he stepped into the batter's box for the first time.

In the first inning, Senay displayed his power with a towering homerun to the left field corner. The crowd, mainly friends and family members, erupted in cheers alongside the dugout.

In the third inning, Senay continued to show his prowess at the plate. Senay's powerful swing connected with the ball, sending it soaring deep into the rightfield corner. Zack's power now matched with his speed, he rounded the bases and hustled into third base standing up. The excitement in the stadium grew, and whispers of a possible cycle began circulating through the stands early in the game.

With each passing inning, the pressure mounted, but Senay remained calm and composed. In the later innings, his teammates cheered him on, urging him to complete the elusive cycle. The tension was palpable as he came to bat for the third time.

In the fifth inning, Zack was now facing the starting pitcher of the Red Sox for the third time when he laced a hard hit ball to right-centre field for a hustle double, leaving only a single left to hit. The cycle was now within reach, and the Lambrick Royals' dugout erupted with jubilation.

With a homerun, a triple, and a double under his belt, the anticipation was building for Senay's final at-bat. As he approached the plate, the Layritz Red Sox knew they were facing a determined player on the brink of SIBL history.

The pitcher delivered the pitchl, and Senay's bat met the ball with a resounding crack. It was a base hit to left field! The stadium erupted into a deafening roar, and Senay's teammates cheered him on from the dugout.

Zack Senay had done it. He hit for the cycle, a feat that only a select few in SIBL history have accomplished. His name would now be written in the history books, forever enshrined in the annals of the league.

In the history of the Lambrick Royals, few moments have left a mark as profound as Zack Senay's cycle against the Layritz Red Sox. It stands as a testament to the passion, dedication, and skill of a player who seized the moment and etched his name in baseball lore. As fans, we can only wonder what other remarkable feats this talented athlete has in store for the future, but one thing is certain: Zack Senay's cycle will forever remain a cherished memory in the hearts of baseball enthusiasts everywhere.

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