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  • Overview
    The South Island baseball League (SIBL)’s inaugural season was in 2007. It was originally called the South Island Junior baseball League (SIJBL) and was created due to the demand of players graduating from the midget level (18U) wanting to continue playing baseball. Thus the junior division of 18-22 years old was created. In its first year, the league consisted of 4 teams. Then immediately began to grow, expanding to 6 teams in 2008. It has kept growing to the present 10 teams as of the 2022 season.
  • 2024
    The Carnarvon Diamondbacks joined the league and will play out of Henderson Field. The SIBL ins set with 10 teams for 2024.
  • 2023
    The Carnarvon Astros fold again in 2023. The SIBL is set at 9 teams for 2022. Final Regular Season Standings: 1. Lambrick White Sox 13-3 2. Layritz Reds 13-3 3. Lambrick Royals 10-5-1 4. Duncan Brewers 8-8 5. Layritz Rockies 7-8-1 -- CHAMPIONS -- 6. Layritz Red Sox 7-8-1 7. Lambrick Pirates 7-9 8. Layritz Monarchs 3-13 9. Lambrick Giants 2-13-1
  • 2022
    The Lambrick Park Braves folded, opening a vacant position out of Lambrick that was filled by the White Sox weeks prior to the season. The Carnarvon Astros return for the 2022 after opting out in 2021's return to play during COVID. The Astros were champions in 2018 and will play out of Henderson Field. The SIBL is now set at 10 teams for 2022. Notable Dates: Andrew Reid Memorial Game, May 11th. - - 2. White Sox win the title, August 14th Final Regular Season Standings: Duncan Brewers (14-4) Layritz Reds (13-4-1) Lambrick Giants (11-7) Lambrick White Sox (10-8) -- CHAMPIONS Lambrick Royals (9-8-1) Layritz Monarchs (8-8-2) Layritz Rockies (8-9-1) Layritz Red Sox (6-11-1) Lambrick Pirates (6-12) Carnarvon Astros (2-16)
  • 2021
    Notable dates: - September 1st, 2021: Morley Scott of the Brewers throws a NO-HITTER in Game 1 of the SIBL Championship series over the Layritz Reds Standings: 1. Layritz Reds (12-2) 2. Duncan Brewers (10-4) -- 2021 SIBL CHAMPIONSHIP 2. Layritz Rockies (10-4) 4. Lambrick Pirates (7-6) 4. Lambrick Royals (7-6-1) 4. Layritz Red Sox (7-6) 7. Lambrick Giants (4-9-1) 8. Lambrick Braves (3-11) 9. Layritz Athletics (1-13)
  • 2020
    2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic. Will look to return in May 2021. The Lambrick Rangers changed their name to the Lambrick Royals during the offseason. Merchandise was added to the website for 2021. Teams may now have more unified looks with their gear.
  • 2019
    In 2019 the Lambrick Blue Jays folded and the Lambrick Braves took their spot in Gordon Head. The Carnarvon Expos also folded. There was a shift in power rankings this year as the veteran Lambrick clubs uncharacteristically struggled and Layritz emerged as a powerhouse taking the top two spots in the regular season and concluded with the Red Sox winning their first championship. The middle of the pack was decided by ties, showing the competiveness of the league. Notable dates: May 16th - Sam Caouette (Astros) pitched a no-hitter July 17th - Brandon Feldman (Astros) hit for the cycle Standings: Layritz Rockies Layritz Red Sox (CHAMPION) Chemainus Brewers Peninsula Mariners Carnarvon Astros Layritz Reds Lambrick Pirates Lambrick Rangers Lambrick Giants Lambrick Braves
  • 2018
    2018 saw changes to a number of teams: The #1 seed Carnarvon Marlins moved over to the Maverick's League, the Westshore Red Sox moved to Layritz Baseball Association, Layritz also formed a new team named the Rockies, and Chemainus became a full-time member of the SIBL as the 11th team. This year the playoffs had a multitude of upsets, with the Rockies being defeated in the first round as the biggest upset. The Chemainus Brewers battled higher seeded teams all the way to the final and proved they were a contender in this league. Standings: First - Layritz Rockies Second - Carnarvon Astros (Playoff Champions) Third - Lambrick Giants Fourth - Lambrick Pirates Fifth - Chemainus Brewers Sixth - Layritz Red Sox Seventh - Peninsula Mariners Eighth - Lambrick Blue Jays Ninth - Carnarvon Expos Tenth - Layritz Reds Eleventh - Lambrick Rangers
  • 2017
    2017 marked more growth to 10 teams, with the return of the Peninsula team to the SIBL. The 9 teams from 2016 all returned. In addition to the 10 teams, Chemainus will be joining the SIBL as a partial member. SIBL teams will play exhibition games versus Chemainus throughout the season. This year the Carnarvon Marlins became the closest team ever to going undefeated - only losing one game. The Astros and Blue Jays were right behind them, also dominating the league. The championship round featured the top two teams and lead to a controversial ending with the Marlins on the winning end. One stand out thing about the 2017 season was that every single team developed their rosters in mostly all aspects of the game. Standings: Champion and top regular season - Carnarvon Marlins Runner Up - Carnarvon Astros Third - Lambrick Park Pirates Fourth - Lambrick Park Giants Fifth - Lambrick Park Blue Jays Sixth - Layritz Reds Seventh - Westshore Red Sox Eighth - Lambrick Park Rangers Ninth - Carnarvon Expos Tenth - Peninsula Mariners
  • 2016
    2016 marked the 10th year of the SIBL. In 2016, the SIBL grew to 9 teams. Two new teams joined the league in addition to the 7 returning teams. The Lambrick Park Rangers, becoming the 4th team playing out of Lambrick Park and the Carnarvon Astros, making the 3rd team to playing out of Henderson Park. The Carnarvon Cubs would go on to dominate the regular season standings, however, lost in the semi-finals. The Carnarvon Astros, in their first year would face off against the Lambrick Park Giants, who as a franchise had now made their 8th trip to the league finals (Giants had 3 players left from their first championship roster in 2008). The Astros would go onto win the championship with a 2-1 series win over the Giants. Standings Champion Team – Carnarvon Astros Runners-up – Lambrick Park Giants (Expos/Royals) Third and top Regular Season Team – Carnarvon Cubs Fourth – Lambrick Park Blue Jays Fifth – Lambrick Park Pirates (Wolves) Sixth – Layritz Reds Seventh – Lambrick Park Rangers Eighth –Westshore Red Sox Ninth – Carnarvon Dodgers
  • 2015
    In 2015 the SIBL returned to a 7 team league. All 6 teams returned from 2014. Carnarvon split into 2 teams, to create the 8th, Carnarvon Cubs and Carnarvon White Sox. The Lambrick Park Royals changed their name to the Lambrick Park Giants. The Carnarvon Cubs were the league’s best team throughout the year and won the championship defeating the Lambrick Park Giants. This marked only the 2nd time in league history that the league’s #1 seeded team from the regular season would go on to win the championship (the other being the 2011 Lambrick Park Royals). Standings Champion and top Regular Season Team – Carnarvon Cubs Runners-up – Lambrick Park Giants (Expos/Royals) Third – Lambrick Park Blue Jays Fourth – Layritz Reds Fifth – Westshore Red Sox Sixth – Lambrick Park Pirates (Wolves) Seventh – Carnarvon White Sox (Dodgers)
  • 2014
    The 2014 season would again consistent of 6 teams. Peninsula folded, but a new team, the Westshore Red Sox joined the league, playing out of Luxton Park. The Carnarvon team was named the Carnarvon Dodgers. The Layritz Reds finished the season at the league’s best team, but would fail to make the championship game. The Lambrick Park Royals returned to the finals for the 5th consecutive year and would go on to defeat the Carnarvon Dodgers, giving them their 3rd championship. Standings Champion – Lambrick Park Royals (Expos/Giants) Runners-up – Carnarvon Dodgers Third and top Regular Season Team – Layritz Reds Fourth – Lambrick Park Blue Jays Fifth – Lambrick Park Wolves Sixth – Westshore Red Sox
  • 2013
    2013, the league went back to a 6 team league. The 5 teams from 2012 returned. The new addition was the Lambrick Park Blue Jays, making the 3rd team playing out of Lambrick Park. Carnarvon would go on to be the top regular season team, but they failed to make it to the championship matchup. The Lambrick Park Wolves would once again square off against the Lambrick Park Royals and for the second year in a row, the Lambrick Park Wolves would win, making them the 1st team to win 3 championships. Standings: Champion - Lambrick Park Wolves Runner up - Lambrick Park Royals Third - Carnarvon Fourth - Lambrick Blue Jays Fifth - Layritz Reds
  • 2012
    2012 marked the only time in SIBL history that the league regressed in size. In 2012 the league went down to 5 teams. The Rockies folded and the 2 Carnarvon teams merged to become one team again. In 2012, the Lambrick Park Royals, for the third straight year finished the regular season as the league’s top team. A rematch of the 2010 championship and grudge match versus the Lambrick Park Wolves would occur and resulted in the Lambrick Park Wolves winning their 2nd championship. Standings Champion – Lambrick Park Wolves (Pirates) Runners-up and top Regular Season Team – Lambrick Park Royals (Expos/Giants) Third – Peninsula Fourth – Layritz Reds Fifth – Carnarvon
  • 2011
    In 2011, the SIBL grew to become a 7 team league. All 6 teams returned from 2010. 2011’s new team were the Rockies, made up mostly of older Mavericks players and they played out of Layritz Park. In 2011, the Lambrick Park Royals would again be the league’s top regular season team and would go onto defeat Carnarvon team 2, for the championship. This marked the 2nd league championship for the Royals (their first coming as the Mavericks Expos).
  • 2010
    After the 2009 season, as league members were aging out of the junior division, the league was changed and became an adult to allow anyone 18 and over to register. The SIJBL officially became the SIBL. In 2010, the league continued as a 6 team league. Westshore, however, folded. Taking their place as the 6th team, was a second team out of Carnarvon. The Lambrick Park Jr men’s team became the Lambrick Park Wolves and The Peninsula team became the Peninsula Pirates. The championship game was a rematch of the 2008. This time however, The Lambrick Park Wolves would go on and defeat the Lambrick Park Royals, who had been the #1 seed coming out the regular season.
  • 2009
    The 2009 season again consisted of 6 teams. 5 of the 6 teams returned. The Mavericks Giants left the league to join the Mavericks League. Taking their place as the 6th team, was the Carnarvon team, who played out of Henderson Park. The Mavericks Expos moved to Lambrick Park and became the Lambrick Park Royals. The new team out of Carnarvon would go on to finish at the top of the regular season standings, however, lost in the championship to the Layritz team. Giving the Layritz team their 2nd championship (their 1st was when they played out of Peninsula). Standings Champion – Layritz Jr. (Reds) Runners-up and top Regular Season Team – Carnarvon Third – Lambrick Park Royals (Expos/Giants) Fourth – Westshore (defunct) Fifth – Lambrick Park Jr. (Wolves/Pirates) Sixth – Peninsula
  • 2008
    2008 marked the second year of play for the SIJBL. The league expanded to 6 teams with Layritz opening their new men’s league field. The Layritz team playing out of Luxton folded and amalgamated with the defending champions moving into the new park and becoming Layritz. Lambrick Park Jr. men’s returned. A second Mavericks team was created and entered the league as the Mavericks Braves. The original Mavericks Jr. team became the Mavericks Expos. With the departure of the champions to Layritz, Rotary Park hosted a new Peninsula team. Luxton followed suit creating a new Westshore team. The Mavericks Braves dominated the regular season, however, could not reach the championship game. The Mavericks Expos won the championship defeating the again runners-up, Lambrick Park team, 3-0. Standings Champion – Mavericks Expos (Royals/Giants) Runners-up – Lambrick Park Jr. (Wolves/ Pirates) Third and top Regular Season Team – Mavericks Braves (defunct) Fourth – Layritz Jr. (Reds) Fifth – Peninsula Sixth – Westshore (defunct)
  • 2007
    2007 marked the first year of play for the then called SIJBL. The 4 original teams were the Lambrick Park Jr. men’s (playing out Lambrick Park), Layritz Jr. Men’s (playing out of Luxton Park), Peninsula Jr. men’s (playing out of Rotary Park), and Mavericks Jr. men’s, playing out of the (Mavericks field at Lambrick Park). The Peninsula Jr. men’s team won the first championship in league history after defeating the Lambrick Park Jr. men’s., who had sat at the top of the standings at the end of the regular season. Standings Champion – Peninsula Jr. (Layrtiz Reds) Runners-up and top Regular Season Team – Lambrick Park Jr. (Wolves/ Pirates) Third – Layritz Jr. (defunct) Fourth – Mavericks Jr. (Expos/Royals/Giants)
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