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Final Stretch Update!

The final standings are far from being set with only 4-5 games left in the season for most teams; players will be battling it out over the next couple of weeks to solidify home team advantage in the new 5-game series playoff format.

Fighting for the top spot is the Layritz Reds and the Lambrick White Sox, who are both putting together phenomenal seasons at 9-1 and 10-2 respectfully. While the third place Lambrick Royals (7-4-1) have a chance at pulling off the upset, they would need to win their last 5 games to put the pressure on.

Speaking of third place, the Royals who currently hold it with 4 will be challenged by the Brewers (7-7), Rockies (5-6-1), and Pirates (5-6) who are all within reach. In order to separate themselves from the middle of the pack, the Royals' magic clinching number is 3, mathematically speaking. If they continue firing on all cylinders (6 game winning streak, including a no hitter), they will find themselves with a podium finish.

At the bottom of the leaderboard, things are yet to be decided as well. The Red Sox (4-8-1), Monarchs (3-8) and Giants (1-9-1) still have time to make a push into the middle of the pack, but right now are trying not to find themselves in the Wild Card Series fighting for spot in the 2023 SIBL playoff run.

Playoff dates are not set yet. However, they will be scheduled around:

Wild Card Series (Best of 3): July 16-20

Quarter Finals (Best of 5): July 19-28

Semi Finals (Best of 5): July 31- Aug 3 or Aug 5-11

Championship Series (Best of 5): Aug 13-21

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