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Thank You, Kelly Wallace

Kelly in action at Lambrick Park

To view content from Kelly, or to book him for your event, visit his Facebook page or his website.

On behalf of the South Island Baseball League and its entire community, I wanted to express our deepest appreciation for your outstanding dedication throughout the 2023 season.

Kelly's famous shoes

Your unwavering commitment to capturing the spirit and excitement of our regular and postseason games through your photography has not gone unnoticed. The countless hours you've spent on the field, behind the lens, and meticulously curating and sharing your pictures on social media have enriched the experience for our players, families, fans, and the broader community.

Your passion for sports photography, particularly baseball, has shone through in every image you've shared. Your ability to capture the intensity, the camaraderie, and the sheer joy that this sport brings is truly remarkable. Your work has not only documented the moments on the field but has also become a cherished part of our league's history.

We understand that your commitment extends beyond just baseball, as you cover various sports in the Greater Victoria area, from youth to professional levels. Your dedication to showcasing the athleticism and sportsmanship of local athletes is a testament to your genuine love for the community.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Wallace Photography

"From getting to know Kelly over the past few years, you can tell he loves what he does; he connects with players and fans through his passion for photography and sport. He's proud of the job he does. We cherish his ability to capture and create lasting memories for us when we're on the diamond doing what we love as well. -- Tyler Boldt, Lambrick Royals

Kelly, your photographs have united us as a league and have brought our shared passion to life in a way that words simply cannot convey. Your images have the power to inspire, to evoke emotions, and to create lasting memories. We are truly grateful for your contributions and the positive impact you've had on the South Island Baseball League.

Thank you, Kelly, for your tireless efforts, your creative eye, and your passion for capturing the essence of our beloved sport. Your work has made a significant difference, and we are honored to have you as an integral part of our baseball family.

With heartfelt appreciation,

The South Island Baseball League

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