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2022 In The Books

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Sam Glowicki (left) and Will Glowicki (right) play against each other for the first time ever, as the Layritz Rockies take on the Lambrick Royals. (2022)


2022 was one for the books.

Overall, the SIBL continued it's trend of league competitiveness, evident by the one game difference between the middle of the pack, and the upsets that keep our playoffs interesting year after year. We added a brand new team, and rebranded another: The Lambrick Whitesox entered their inaugural year, replacing the now folded Lambrick Braves, and the Layritz Athletics took on a new persona as the Monarchs, hoping to improve on their underachieving 2021 season. Both of these teams found success on the field.

However, one returning team, last appearing in the league in 2019, did not. The Astros struggled to keep pace this year after losing key components to their lineup, going 2-16 and looking to rebound next year in 2023.

With the Duncan Brewers cementing themselves as a force in the league, coming in first place with a 14-4 record (and 10-4 in 2021), as they have proven that their consistent pitching, proven defense and contact heavy lineup doesn't lose easily. The Layritz Reds stayed consistent this year with the help of a couple of new additions , albeit less runs scored than an ungodly 2021, placing second with a 13-4-1 record (ties in this league are possible due to time limits placed by house ball regulations).

The middle of the pack was a tight race, with the final 2 games of the season deciding the final standings for 6 teams heading into the postseason schedule.

Andrew Reid Memorial Game

In March of 2022, the Lambrick Pirates suffered a tragic loss. One of their teammates, Andrew Reid sadly passed away. With the player's, the loved one's and the baseball community's support, we were able to honour Andrew on the field on May 11th as the Pirates hosted the Astros in their regular season home opener. All of our fans in attendance donned their sports jerseys to show support, and a m